Here are some Testimonials from our Happy Parents & Grandparents:

"As a parent, and a school principal, I am thrilled with my daughter’s experience in the LRUMC First Steps program.  She has attend the last three years and I have been very pleased.  The program offers a wonderful variety of academics, socialization and a love of God.  During the last few years my child has come to adore her teachers, make wonderful, new friends and make wonderful academic progress.  We couldn’t ask for more is a pre-school program for our daughter."
Melissa Graham, Principal Waterway Elementary -  August 14, 2017

"Each day that my grandson attended First Steps at Little River United Methodist Church, he was greeted with smiles, enthusiasm and excitement. Delightful faith based learning experiences for early learners are provided to each class in a safe and loving environment. The classes are kept small which enables the teacher and her aid to provide more one on one time with each child. In addition to learning the alphabet, numbers and seasons, our family was impressed with the development and teaching of fine motor skills such as coloring, cutting, gluing and drawing shapes. Friendships are formed among the children as they learn to share, take turns and how to take on the responsibility of listening, responding and even cleaning up. Our grandson loved to show his family what he had made at First Steps and looked forward to seeing his teachers and friends.  First Steps celebrates the uniqueness of each child and provides a strong foundation for a smooth transition when they enter elementary school. Proverbs 15:2 says, “A wise teacher makes learning a joy.” The First Steps teachers and staff do indeed make learning a joy for their students."  
Sharon Weeks - June 26, 2017

"Our family has been involved with the First Steps program at Little River Methodist Church from its inception about 10 years ago.  We currently have our second grandchild in the program and are so pleased with the dedicated staff, board members, church members and other parents that all put the needs of our children first to make sure they feel safe and loved.  They are learning to work and play with other children while learning fundamental skills.  This year they are implementing a new program of getting to know the pastor at an informal meeting with him on Wednesday mornings.  To hear that our granddaughter, Ella, cannot wait to get to school reinforces that this is the program we feel privileged to have her attend and at an affordable price."
Dennis and Gail Turner  - June 7, 2017